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Title: Continuous Learning Loop: Online and Offline Perception Systems

Speaker: Xianling(Lily) Zhang 

Senior Machine Learning Research Scientist and Technical Project Lead at Autonomy Algorithm, Ford Motor Company

Date: 12/01/23

Title: Driving Sustainability Forward: The Impact of Connected Vehicles and Green Vehicle Identification Platforms at Uber

Speaker: Ankur Gupta

Engineering Manager at Uber

Date: 11/17/23

Title: Robust Vision Learning Approaches to Perception, Multi-Object Tracking and Human Behavior Understanding in Open-World Environments

Speaker: Khoa Luu

Assistant Professor in Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at University of Arkansas

Date: 9/26/23 

Title: An Introduction to Red Hat Edge and Automotive: A catalyst for change in the automotive industry

Speaker: Shawn Davis

The Director of Engineering for the Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System project, a key industry vertical that's part of the larger "Edge Computing" initiative. 

Date: 8/25/23 

Title: Arm Tracking by the lnertial Measurement Unit Sensors of Smartwatches

Speaker: Wan Du 

Assistant professor in Computer Science and Engineering at University of California, Merced 

Date: 8/16/23 

Title: Combining Learning and Control in CyberPhysical Systems with Emphasis on Emerging Mobility Systems

Speaker: Andreas A. Malikopoulos 

Terri Connor Kelly and John Kelly Career 

Development Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Delaware 

Date: 5/12/23 

Title: Multi-Agent Decision-Making for Cyber-Physical Mobility Systems

Speaker: Bassam Alrifaee

Senior Researcher and Lecture of Computer Science Department, RWTH Aachen University

Date: 4/14/23

Title: 3D Point Cloud Analysis

Speaker: Chandra Kambhamettu

Professor of Computer and Information Sciences

Date: 2/24/23

Title: Visual-Inertial Systems: Sensing, Estimation, Perception, and Navigation

Speaker: Paul Huang

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Date: 1/20/23